Fine Art Photography – a must in modern homes

I produce and sell fine art photography in many different shapes and formats; digital prints, Lightjet/Lambda prints or traditional hand made, analogue prints from the dark room. Sometimes I print directly on metal or glass surfaces, and sometimes I use the traditional frame and pass partout for a vintage look. Almost always in big sizes. The possibilities are endless.




Digital prints

When I make a high quality digital print (Giclée) I use the finest paper and ink. I have chosen leading Epson print technology with archival quality ink (108 years minimum – 200 years for black and white). I always use thick, archival, acid free cotton paper (300gsm), mostly from Hahnemühle and Canson. The quality feeling is amazing! 


Lightjet/Lambda prints (digital C-print)

This printing technology transforms a digital image to a photographic paper using laser technology. The result is a photographically ”developed” image with beautiful saturated colors and a wide gamut. These prints are often mounted on aluminum or Dibond sheets often combined with a brilliant Acrylic front or a more pearly satin laminate. The wall mount makes the photograph stand out from the wall – making the wall the pass partout. All these prints are champagne safe (!), and can be cleaned with a cloth. Perfect for modern homes or offices.

Prints directly on metal and glass

Todays print technology also opens up for prints directly on to the surface of any plain material. There are many possibilities, but normally I use Capa, aluminium, Dibond, glass or wood. If printed directly on to a glass surface, the photograph can be backlit with LED lights, thus giving the photo a light box feel. Expensive but amazing.   


Hand made Gelatin Silver Prints

Every now and then when the weather is cold and the light is dark, I visit my darkroom to make photographs  the good, old fashioned way. Each photograph is notoriously crafted to perfection through the traditional dark room process. If you see a slight Sepia tone, it might be from the spilled red wine in the fix …


Limited editions

My fine art photographs are always signed and most often limited to editions of 6 or 10 + 2 (ap). Limited editions will make your purchase unique.


Personal service

Investing in a Fine art photography, regardless of printing technique, is something special that deserves personal service. If possible I will come to your home with my portfolio to show my work, and get a feel for your wall and room sizes. Choice of printing technology and size of photograph is often easier to make as we are in the true surroundings. Sometimes I photograph your wall and surroundings and insert the possible photographs in order to give you a feel for how the final photography will hang in your own room. Easier choice!


If you are interested in buying any of the pictures you have seen, or wish to see more, or just want to chat about fine art photography, please contact me.