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 With a Masters degree in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology I have learned a lot of stuff that is not entirely relevant for photography. In 2004 I chose to quit my role as a partner with Deloitte Consulting to pursue my great passion, and make space for a photographer career. Although I have “always” taken pictures it wasn´t until I had participated at a workshop with photographer Morten Krogvold that I decided that photography is a “must” in my life.

 I love photography because it is an extreme sport. At any given moment there are numerous combinations of light, color, expression, composition and camera standpoint. One second there might be a magic photographic moment between ther photographer and the subject – the next it might be gone. I love photography because it is so personal. It´s all about daring to give a little bit of yourself, albeit in front of or behind the camera.

I have worked as a professional photographer since 2004. My focus is Fine Art Photography and Portraiture. It is in the latter category that I do most of my commercial work – people in one setting or the other. On location or in studio. I cover many different types of portraiture; social photography, weddings, portraits of business executives, fashion portraits, dancers.

Together with a colleague in 2010 I published the inspirational book on how to improve your photography – “Fotoglede – slik tar du bedre bilder”. The book got very good reviews and became a bestseller for the publisher “Exlibris Media. Read more about ”Fotoglede” here.   

As a commercial photographer

My philosophy is very simple. Regardless of the task my first priority is to deliver top-notch pictures that meets or exceeds your expectations as a customer. The pictures must communicate in a way that meets the audience, regardless of it being the portrait of the managing director in the annual report, or the interior design of the new signal building. I am equally happy with working from a detailed spec or with a loose sketch leaving plenty of room for creativity. I am equally happy to toss ideas with you if you need sparring.

In order to ensure an effective shoot, I put great effort into planning it well. My extensive management and consulting experience makes this a natural process for me.

No surprises! As my customer you can expect that I solve the project without negative surprises. Prior to the shoot we sign a written agreement detailing the scope and deliverables, deadline and price. In addition there is a clause on your terms and conditions and usage rights.  Although most of my work is in Oslo, I accept projects all over Norway and Internationally.  Dou you have photographic need, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

As a Fine art photographer

To date I have had two separate exhibitions (2005 – Herføl 4 seasons, and 2010 “Schioldborg & Schioldborg” at gallery Longyearbyen, Svalbard). I have been so fortunate as to have had the opportunity to decorate buildings for both individuals and businesses. I have decorated the Univerity Hospital in Oslo with 55 large scale photographs. I have won the MKW Vågå Photo award and received honors in both Hasselblad Masters and Utsnitt (Gullsnitt).

My photographs are often displayed in large scale formats (above 1x1 meter). The bigger the better is often the case, I believe, for contemporary photography. I have a strong love for photographs on aluminum/Dibond giving the photos a modern look and feel that suits well todays minimalistic homes and offices. My Fine art photographs are signed and most often limited to a 6 or 10 + 2 editions. You can read more about buying fine art photography under the menu title "Fine Art Photography"

As your teacher and lecturer

Together with my friend and colleague Eivind Røhne we give a lot of inspirational training courses and workshops within photography. There is a lot of grass root interest for photography and never have more pictures been taken. We show you that it is easy to push your photography top the next level. We also give inspirational courses to businesses. If you are interested in learning more about our training courses, check the menu title “training”.

When looking through the galleries I hope you will find something that inspires you – be it a light or a motive.

Stian Schioldborg


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