Training courses and workshops for inspiration, knowledge and joy

Together with my good friend, colleague and co-writer Eivind Røhne I have developed a series of photographic training courses and workshops.

The courses apply to both the interested amateur and enthusiast, and the more seasoned photographer. We do most of the training in Oslo, but we have occasional courses in other cities. We give both private classes as well as classes for business. For businesses we can tailor-make the courses to fit your needs – be it a shorter inspirational session or a longer and deeper, more technical course for the business´ photo club. We see that more and more businesses see the benefit from offering the employees the possibility to develop in areas not directly related to the work.

The key words for all our courses are inspiration, energy, knowledge and excitement. Take a look at our courses below and find the next available course near you.

The table below shows date, place and type of planned training. If you don´t find anything that matches drop me a line, and we can see if there is enough interest to set up a course. Click directly on the text in the column ”Type” and you will get a PDF explaining the details of the course.

To participate you send us an email stating your name, email, mobile phone number and which course you would like to attend. We give these courses regularly but please contact me if you want us to consider a course that is not listed, or wants to try out a session at your business.


Calendar (click on the text for opening an infoflyer about each course)

Time / duration

Place Price  Type of training course
Coming  1730-2200  Oslo   900.- Grunnkurs "Hvordan ta bedre bilder" - Teknikk, inspirasjon og komposisjon
Coming 1730-2200 Oslo 900.- Grunnkurs "Hvordan ta bedre bilder" - Teknikk, inspirasjon og komposisjon
Coming May 1000-1500 Oslo  1.500.- Praktisk fotokurs (walkabout) - Mennesker i urbane miljøer
Coming May 1700-2200 Oslo 1.500.- Praktisk fotokurs (walkabout) - Vårens vakreste (by) eventyr
Coming June 1700-2200 Jeløya/Moss 1.500.- Praktisk fotokurs (walkabout) - Natur og landskap
Coming 1000-1800 Oslo   1.500.- Heldags workshop "Gode bilder i praksis" - Inspirasjon, teknikk, praktisk foto m.m.
Coming 1700-2200 Oslo   900.- Casekurs "8 fotoshoots på 1 kveld" - Bli med på hvordan 8 ulike temaer/motiver ble løst 
Coming  1700-2200  Oslo  1.500.- Praktisk fotokurs / walkabout: Blits på location














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