Thanks to all the enthusiastic participants we have enjoyed in our training courses and workshops over the years. We are thankful for your very good feedback. Here is some:


«More! More! More!»

«Incredibly inspiring and educational!»

«This course was revolutionary good!»

«This course was worth every penny!»

«Thank you so much for an outstanding course!»

«Incredibly fun and exiting workshop!»

«Very interesting and inspiring course!»

«Fantastic! I want more courses from you guys!!!»

«I can´t wait to start working on my photos!»

«Superhappy after a great and educational course!»

«Very well taught – hard parts explained easily!»

«Learned more in 2 days than in 5 years!»

«This photo workshop was so good I want to do it again!»

«This was so good that I just can´t wait for the next course!»


If you have questions or want to participate on a course or a workshop, please contact me by mail or phone.

Do we see you on the next course?


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